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Questions about SSI back pay vs Social Security Disability Back Pay

Potentially, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) back pay may be paid back to the date of filing, i.e. the date that you filed an application for SSI benefits.

For Social Security Disability, benefits may be paid back to the date of your application, but may potentially be paid 12 months retroactive to this date, as well, assuming that your medical records allow for a disability onset date this far back.

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With both programs, if an individual is approved for disability and has filed prior applications for disability benefits, the possibility may exist that those applications may be reopened, thus allowing for the payment of even more back pay. However, as with a claimant's onset date, this will depend on the strength of the medical evidence.

However, it should be said that, in the case of SSI, even if your case rates a medical allowance (meaning that you have satisfied the medical disability criteria), the non-medical criteria for the SSI program may prevent you from being paid a disability benefit. Non-medical criteria, of course, has to do with income and resources (assets).

How is the determination made regarding non-medical criteria in SSI cases? Once your SSI disability claim has been allowed, a Social Security representative (not a claimant's representative, such as a lawyer, but, rather a Claims Reps at a social security office) will contact you to ascertain your income and resources. You will be paid for any months that your income and resources are below the SSI income and resource levels.

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