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How long will it take to get a decision on SSD or SSI after a medical examination?

"How long is the wait to get an answer after you've had your comprehensive physical exam I haven't had mine yet I have one in two weeks I'm so nervous about it I'm not sure what to be prepared for."

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to know. When you go to a CE (consultative medical exam conducted by a private practice doctor) who has agreed to perform such services for SSA), that doctor is given X number of days to write and submit a report of the exam results. This is usually 10 days.

However, that doesn't mean that the doctor will actually get the CE report submitted to the disability examiner in that amount of time (it would be submitted to a judge if the case was at the hearing level and the judge was the adjudicator who had ordered the CE). Sometimes doctors take quite a while to do this. And even when they submit the CE report, that doesn't mean that the examiner will get to it immediately.

Very often, there are other issues that the examiner will have to work on. Those could involve gathering information about a person's work history. It could even mean waiting on the results of a separate CE. For example, some people are sent to one more than one CE, such as one for mental and one for physical impairments.

All that one can really know is that after a CE has been done, the case is certainly headed to the finish line. But that may still mean waiting several weeks for an answer.

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