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How does SSA determine if a claim will be a denial or an approval?

Someone recently submitted the following question which is paraphrased here: How does SSA determine a denial or an approval? If you have a condition that is on their list of medical conditions, why does it still have to be decided on? Why is there a 90% denial rate?

There are two ways of getting approved. One is by satisfying a listing. This means that a person would have a condition in the listings manual and also that their medical records would satisfy the approval requirements of the listing. So,its not enough to just have a condition that is in the listings. You have to meet the criteria as well.

The other way of getting approved is a medical vocational allowance. This is where a disability examiner or a judge will review the medical records and the work history of an adult claimant to see what their past work demands were, what their skills are, and what kinds of mental and/or physical limitations they might have as a result of their condition or conditions.

To get approved this way, it would have to be shown that the person cannot go back to their past work and cannot also switch to some type of other work. This is usually how a person gets approved for disability benefits.

As for disability applications, currently the national average for denials is about 77 percent. Very high. However, it has been at least 70 percent for at least the last 20 years. Meaning the system has always been hard.

A high percentage of people who are denied and decide to file appeals, at least as far as to the level of a hearing, will be approved. So, that basically shows that there are large flaws in the system if so many individuals are initially denied but are later approved after having to endure very long waits and appeals.

It also means that anyone filing for disability should prepare to file appeals and not give up on their claim because the long-range chances of winning are actually not bad.

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