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Do you have to report Social Security Disability income to other agencies?

Is Social Security Disability a reportable income to other agencies? I am receiving SSD and VA disability only.

My background is as a disability claims examiner for DDS, disability determination services, which handles decisions on SSD and SSI claims at the application and reconsideration appeal levels. I wouldn't necessarily know about income reporting requirements for other programs or other agencies.

In the case of SSD, all income should be reported to the Social Security Administration via local field offices simply to avoid the potential for overpayments. Just to be on the safe side, I would report all earned and unearned income. Now, with regard to the IRS, The simple answer to this is that Social Security disability benefits are taxable.

However, you "may or may not" have to pay tax on your disability benefits. Social Security issues a miscellaneous SSA 1099 for disability benefits paid each year. The two potential types of Social Security disability benefits that are taxable are: A) Monthly disability benefit payments and B) Lump-sum back payments of disability benefits. How much of your disability benefits will be taxable depends on the total amount of your Social Security disability benefits and any other income.

However, I would think you would want to check with whatever specific agencies you might have in mind.

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