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Will my claim for SSD or SSI Disability Benefits be denied?

A claim for SSD or SSI disability will be denied if the case fails to satisfy the social security administration definition of disability. That definition requires that the individual who is filing for benefits be disabled for a period of not less than one full year before monthly disability benefits may be approved.

However, what does SSA mean by "disabled"?. The definition of disability used by the social security administration is different from that used by other governmental agencies and private insurance companies. To be considered disabled, an individual's disability must last the minimum 12 month period as mentioned, and in that time the person must be --

1. Unable to "substantially and gainfully" work at any job they have done in the relevant past. This means potentially all jobs performed within the last 15 years.

2. Unable to "substantially and gainfully" work at any other type of job for which they might be eligible as a result of their mental and physical capabilities, age, education, and transferrable or non-transferrable work skills.

At this point, however, a clarification should be made. Qualifying for disability under this definition of disability does not strictly mean that a person cannot have the ability to work during this 12 month period. There are individuals who engage in work activity while they are filing for disability. And there are individuals who receive disability benefits while they are engaged in work activity.

You can work while pursing or receiving disability benefits. You simply cannot earn more than a certain maximum amount while you are working. This maximum amount is known as the SGA limit. SGA is the level at which a person is no considerable disabled. Translation: if you can work and earn at least the SGA limit amount that is in effect for a given year, then you cannot be considered disabled by SSA. The flip side to this is that you can receive disability benefits if your earnings are under this limit.

Receiving SSD or SSI disability benefits, in actuality, is not about proving that an individual no longer has the ability to work, but, rather, proving that they can no longer work and earn a livable income, a.k.a. a substantial and gainful income.

Another way to approach this question (Will my claim for SSD or SSI Disability Benefits be denied?), though, is to state that a claim will be denied if a person's medical records do not show that they have the physical or mental limitations necessary to prove that they are unable to engage in work activity at a substantial and gainful activity level. The information gained from medical records will determine the outcome of a disability claim.

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