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Does The Social Security Disability Reconsideration Have A Time Limit?

The social security administration has no set time limit for making a disability determination on Social security disability and SSI disability appeals, and this includes the first level of the appeals process, the request for reconsideration.

Generally, Social Security tries to process disability appeals as quickly as possible. The amount of time it takes to process an appeal depends upon which level of the appeal process the appeal is at.

For the most part, reconsideration appeals do not take long to render a decision because they are sent to state disability agencies across the country for processing (these are the agencies that make decisions on disability claims for the social security administration and they are usually known as DDS, which stands for disability determination services). State disability processing times are closely monitored and this provides an impetus for making decisions as quickly as possible.

The average time for processing a reconsideration appeal is thirty to ninety days, which is far less time than disability hearing appeals (hearings can take twelve months or longer to schedule, let alone the time required for an administrative law judge to make a decision and issue a notice of decision.

Now if a person questions the amount of time an individual has to file a reconsideration appeal, the answer is quite different. All Social Security appeal periods begin with the date of the decisional notice mailed out by Social Security and claimants are given sixty days to file their appeal. But because Social Security mails all decisional notices via the US postal system, they also allow five days mailing time for the notice to reach the disability claimant.

This means that a reconsideration appeal has to be in the disability claimant's local Social Security office on the sixty-fifth day from the date of the decisional notice. This is not the same as saying that the appeal has just been post marked on that day. To be considered timely, the social security office must have the appeal forms physically in hand by the 65th day (from the date of the denial notice) for the appeal to be considered timely.

If the reconsideration is received after the 65th day, the disability claimant has to provide a statement that gives a good reason for their late filing. If it is determined that "good cause" for late filing can be granted, the disability applicant's reconsideration appeal will be sent to the state disability agency for a decision.

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