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Prescription Drug Assistance

Needy Meds - Needy Meds is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist individuals who cannot afford the cost of their medication or healthcare. The site and organization provide information about discount drug cards, assistance for specific medical conditions, links to various state-sponsored programs, and links to medicaid websites. An extraordinarily helpful aspect of the site, however, is the information that is provided on corporate drug-assistance programs. To access this information, site visitors should view the site's menu (on the lefthand side of the page) and look under "patient assistance programs".

To visit the site:

PPA - PPA is the partnership for prescription drug assistance. The FTC prescription drug alert page lists the site "". Currently, the link on the FTC page redirects to PPA; therefore, this may simply indicate a name change (be advised - it is not unheard of for internet domain names to expire and then be bought by commercial interests).

To visit the site:

Access to Benefits - Access to benefits is also listed on the FTC prescription drug alert page. The FTc describes the site as a web site that offers information on various programs to assist seniors and individuals with disabilities in the goal of lowering their prescription drug expenses.

To visit the site:

Social Security Disability Questions - Social security disability and SSI are covered in this portion of the site, with a focus on answering specific types of questions as well as general questions. Additional information can be found on the social security disability blog as well as on a number of SSDI and SSI question and answer pages:

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