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What conditions automatically qualify you for disability in North Carolina?

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Social Security does have a system for compassionate allowances and these are typically medical conditions that allow a disability claim to be fast-tracked. That said, there really are no conditions, mental or physical that result in an automatic approval for either Social Security Disability or SSI. Every disability claim, no matter how severe, must go through a sequential evaluation process in which a disability examiner will gather a claimant’s medical records and review them in order to make a decision.

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This is the case even when a case is marked as TERI, meaning that it involves a terminal condition. Most cases will also involve the disability examiner having to review a person’s work history and jobs. Why is this? Because SSA uses both your medical records and jobs history to determine A) how limited you are, B) what skills and education you possess and then determine, based on a further consideration of your age, C) whether you have the ability to go back to your past work and, if not, can you do some type of other work.

As Disability Representatives, it is our job to prove to Social Security that you do not have the capacity to return to work doing something you did in the past. This is often easier than the next step, which is proving that you cannot switch to some type of other work.

But this is done with a careful evaluation of your medical and vocational evidence, which is why, if you need a disability hearing, we are careful to gather both your work and medical history, get statements from your doctors, and schedule discussions with you prior to your hearing to develop your case.

About the author: Tim Moore has been interviewed by the New York Times on the topic of Social Security Disability and SSI benefits in an article entitled “The Disability Mess” and also by the Los Angeles Times on the subject of political attempts to weaken the Social Security Disability system. He is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.

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