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Social Security Disability Medical Evaluation Questions

"I applied for SSDI in June. I have had numerous phone interviews and face to face interviews. They had scheduled me for a medical review twice and canceled them both. Now the latest letter says there will not be a medical review unless it's determined it's needed at a later date. They told me that i had satisfied all the requirements and was just awaiting a decision. So what is happening now? Any ideas?"


I am not sure what is going on in your case. When you filed your disability claim in June, your disability claim was sent to a state disability determination agency for a medical determination. I am wondering where your "face to face" interviews were. Generally, the only face to face interview an individual has with Social Security is at the initial disability interview with their local Social Security office.

I can understand numerous phone conversations with the disability examiner who is handling your claim and that you may have been scheduled for a medical evaluation, which was was canceled. Possibly the disability examiner did not feel that they had enough medical information and subsequently they received more medical record documentation that they deemed was enough for a decision. The fact that they have scheduled consultative examinations twice and canceled them is a little bit unusual, though.

I can only speculate based on the information you've provided, but it could be that the disability examiner felt they had enough medical information to either approve or deny your disability claim.

There is no way to know at this point which way your disability decision will go but I am fairly sure that you will receive a decision soon. Social Security will notify you via the postal service if you have been approved or denied for benefits.

Hopefully, your disability claim will be approved. However if it is not approved and you are still unable to work make sure that you file an appeal of your social security decision timely. And follow the instructions provided in the notice from Social Security.


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