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Should I have a local Social Security Disability Advocate?


I read your material and want to thank you for your efforts; your publications are very useful and helpful. However, I looked for an answer to two questions and could not find either addressed anywhere, so I am hoping you will respond to my questions.

1. Is it better to hire an advocate in my state of Alabama or in my city (Huntsville, AL)? In other words, should I work with a local advocate or not?

2. Does it make any difference if I use a firm that has approached me (from outside of Alabama)?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Whether or not to use a local advocate or an out of state advocate is a choice you will have to make. However, I do see some advantage in having someone local if you feel that you would need more personal contact with your advocate.

Out of state advocates are not as accessible and they may charge for expenses like travel. The most important thing is to get an advocate you can work with who seems knowledgeable with regard to Social Security disability.

Plenty of attorneys take Social Security disability cases as a side line or just on an occasional basis which may or may not provide the best representation for your disability case.

If you choose an attorney make sure they specialize in Social Security disability; generally this is not a worry with non-attorney Social Security advocates because Social Security is their main and only focus.

Good luck with your case.

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