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If I go back to school will it affect my disability benefits?

Going to school wouldn't cause your disability benefits to be stopped under SSD or SSI. Both programs are really just concerned with the issue of medical improvement, which is why anyone approved to receive disability benefits will periodically undergo a CDR or continuing disability review.

Medical improvement, however, can be demonstrated by the mere fact that a person is engaging in work activity that earns them a monthly earnings amount that is at least equal to the SGA limit in effect for a given year.

None of this applies, of course, to school activity. So, to sum up, going back to school won't take you off disability benefits. However, if you were put on benefits for a mental impairment, the disability examiner who reviews your case during your CDR may be influenced by your ability to engage in academic studies when they evaluate your claim. SSD and SSI claim determination is unavoidably a somewhat subjective process.

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