If you live in North Carolina and need assistance with either of the following: 1) Getting your disability claim started with the Social Security Administration; 2) Filing an appeal if you have been denied disability benefits.

We can assist you. We are local, located in Oxford, North Carolina, and this makes a difference. We know and understand the disability system in North Carolina. Call us at 919-278-7874.

What we do: The Social Security Disability and SSI system can be very confusing and hard to deal with because of how long claims take, how many claims are denied, and how easy it is to make mistakes. Most claims do get denied at first. However, if you have professional, experienced representation and do not give up, your chances of winning can be very good, especially at a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Our office makes a strong effort to research each clients case and look for the most effective way to win under Social Security regulations and Law. We also pride ourselves in being available to our clients for their questions and concerns.

However, we cannot do this by ourselves. We are your Advocates but we are also a team that you are the most important member of. And that means informing us of your medical changes and when you receive notices from the Social Security Administration.

Who we are: Tim Moore is an Accredited Disability Representative whose experience with disability began three decades ago as an Examiner for the Social Security Administration in North Carolina. He has been interviewed by the New York Times and the LA Times on the Disability System. Mac Travis is a long-time advocate for the disabled who volunteers his personal time to help the needy and has been representing disability claimants for more than 40 years.

The cost for representation:

Under Social Security law, a person who is represented never pays an upfront cost for representation. There is also no fee unless the case is won, and even then there is no fee unless the claimant also receives back pay. The fee is equal to one-fourth of the back pay, up to a maximum of $6000. All of this means that anyone can afford representation, you pay nothing unless the case is won, and your representative has a strong incentive to work hard on your claim.

Our office handles new applications and appeals and can answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 919-278-7874.

Things to remember about the Social Security Disability and SSI process in NC:

1. Disability applications begin best with a telephone interview with the Social Security office which we can set up for you. Avoid filing online as this can cause issues and mistakes.

2. A disability application can take 3-4 months, on average, for a decision.

3. If you are denied, we will file your request for reconsideration. This is the first appeal in North Carolina.

4. If this is denied as well (it usually is), then we will submit a request for hearing. This will be your best chance of being approved. This is because we analyze your case, look for mistakes in your prior denials, go after strong evidence to support your claim, and we can cite Social Security law which does not happen at the application and reconsideration steps.

5. The most important thing of all is to not give up. We routinely speak with people who gave up after being initially denied and this is often a huge mistake because many of those individuals would have been approved through the appeal process.

Contact us at 919-278-7874. Be sure to mention your town or city, your age, and whether you need to start a claim or file an appeal.