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What is the rate of approval on Social Security Disability claims in North Carolina

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Recent federal statistics show that at the disability application level, about 23 percent of claims for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) are approved. So, going by that, 77 percent of claims are denied. However, the federal stats are a little deceiving. The national rate of approval at that level is 23 percent but it also varies by state.

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Social Security Disability North Carolina

In North Carolina, it is probably closer to 30 percent. The important thing to consider that if you appeal and eventually get the case heard by a judge, your chances of approval will be good, assuming that your case is well-prepared.

For example, if you appeal your disability claim in North Carolina, you will file a reconsideration appeal (a “request for reconsideration” is the actual name of the appeal and what happens on this appeal is practically identical to what happens on an initial claim, or application for disability). At this level, only about 10 percent of cases are further approved. However, once the reconsideration phase is done, a claimant has the right to file a request for a disability hearing.

At the hearing level, a person will have a substantially higher statistical chance of being awarded disability benefits. According to a recent annual statistical report on disability claim outcomes, at the hearing level about 76 percent of cases for Social Security Disability were granted an allowance.

This is a national average, and it takes into account cases for disabled workers, disabled adult children, and widows/widowers. But it is illustrative of the fact that if a person persists and pursues their claim, without giving up, they will stand a very good chance of winning benefits.

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