Why was my Social Security disability check reduced?

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There are only a couple of reasons why Social Security disability benefits can be reduced. The actual amount of your disability benefit is determined at the time you become eligible to receive disability benefits. In general, it can only increase not decrease.

So what could actually reduce the amount of disability you receive? One reason for your disability payment to decrease would be that your benefit is being garnished for something. Your disability benefit could be garnished for child support, taxes, or student loans. This may seem out of the blue, but these various agencies have probably notified you that you owe them money.

If you have a Social Security overpayment, your disability benefit may be reduced or suspended in an effort to collect the overpayment. Again, you generally would receive several notifications with regard to this debt.

The receipt of worker compensation benefits or settlements could also reduce your monthly benefits, but then you are probably aware that worker compensations can affect your disability benefit amount. The Social Security disability application has specific questions directed toward workers compensation. If you provided a yes answer to questions, you are asked to provide proof of weekly benefits and or settlement information. If you were not receiving workers compensation at the time of your disability application you should inform Social Security immediately to avoid an overpayment.

Lastly, if you are receiving adult disabled child benefits, your disability benefits could be reduced if another dependent becomes entitled to benefits on the Social Security record of you parent.

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