Will I lose my Social Security cash benefits for my children if I get married?

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Most people do not understand that the Social Security dependent child benefits are technically the child’s, though most often a parent is chosen to manage their benefits. And as such, there are very few things that would cause the child to lose their dependent monthly benefits. Marriage is not a terminating event for SSDI or Social Security retirement beneficiaries.

If you receive Social Security disability benefits or Social Security retirement benefits, your children will lose their cash benefit if your benefits are suspended or terminated.

For example, if your SSDI benefits are suspended or terminated your children’s benefits will be suspended or terminated. The same would hold true if the children are receiving from another parent.

In summary, your marriage will not terminate your children’s benefits. It does not matter if the children are receiving on their other biological parent either. The children are actually receiving their own dependent benefit that can only be lost if the person on whose record they receive benefits on is terminated or suspended.

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