Can I get SSDI and a company pension at the same time?

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In general, people often confuse the requirements of the SSDI and SSI disability programs in that they assume both programs have income and resource requirements. Most likely, there is an assumption that disability benefits are always based on need.

If you are applying for Social Security disability (SSDI), you are applying for benefits that are earned through your work activity prior to your becoming disabled. Meaning that you have paid pay payroll taxes that insure you for Social Security disability. It is analogous to paying insurance premiums. Social Security disability and retirement are insurance programs.

So what does this mean with regard to receiving a company pension and getting SSDI at the same time? It means that a company pension or other kinds of income have no effect upon your eligibility to receive SSDI provided you are found medically disabled. There are no income or resource limits to this program.

The SSI disability program, on the other hand, is a need based disability program that has income and resource limits that could be exceeded with a company pension. If you are receiving disability through this program, you are receiving benefits provided by the government for those in need. Of course, there are going to be restrictions to the amount of income or resources you are able to have and still be eligible to receive benefits.

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