Can you receive SSI and Social Security retirement at the same time?

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The answer to this question is that you potentially can receive SSI and Social Security (disability or retirement) simultaneously. However, your ability to receive both SSI and Social Security depends on your Social Security retirement or disability benefit amount being fairly low. Both benefits cannot exceed the SSI maximum disability monthly amount.

SSI is need based, so Social Security requires that a beneficiary file for any benefit they might be entitled to. This would mean any person receiving SSI disability must file for their retirement or survivor benefit should they become eligible. If you can receive more from Social Security it could cause you to lose your SSI disability, but for most it will be used to offset their SSI benefit.

Unfortunately, this means most SSI recipients will have very little change when they file for Social Security. If you receive both SSI and Social Security benefits you may receive $20.00 more per month.

In summary, you could potentially receive from both Social Security and SSI, however you will not be able to receive the full amount of both benefits because Social Security benefits offset the amount you can receive in SSI.

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