Will my SSDI decrease when I move?

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Your SSDI will never decrease because of a move. SSDI has nothing to do with where you live or whom you live with, so you can live anywhere and your SSDI will remain the same. The reason for this is that SSDI is a federal benefit not a state benefit.

SSDI disability benefit amounts are determined by your earnings prior to you becoming disabled and they can only increase over time with cost of living increases, or perhaps if you are working some (staying under the SGA limit) it may increase your benefit if you had very low, or very few, earnings prior to becoming disabled.

Having said that, you could perceive that your SSDI has decreased when you make a move because of the supplemental benefits some states pay. If you receive SSDI but you do not have a very high monthly benefit, some states will pay a supplemental benefit to help you with your monthly financial situation.

If you are planning on moving and receiving disability and you’re receiving a state supplement, make sure you consider the loss of the supplement if you move to a state that does not provide a state supplement.

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