How much income can you earn on Social Security disability?

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If you are considering any kind of work, you should verify the SGA monthly earnings limit in effect for the given year and keep your earnings below the limit. SGA stands for substantial gainful activity and it is basically a limit on how much a person can earn before taxes each month and still remain eligible to receive disability.

Each year Social Security sets a monthly earnings amount that they consider being self-supporting. The 2019 SGA amount is 1220.00 gross per month. For future updated SGA amounts, go here: Social Security earnings limit.

Work can be a very tricky thing when you are receiving Social Security disability. If you go over the SGA limit, you may not be entitled to a monthly disability benefit for that month. If you do not keep track of your earnings, it could be several months or even years before Social Security gets an alert to investigate your work activity. As you might imagine, this often leads to large overpayments that require repayment.

Another consideration for disability beneficiaries is that work activity can indicate medical improvement. Work activity can trigger a medical continuing disability review and if they determine your conditions have improved, you may lose your disability benefits.

In summary, if you are considering a job make sure to notify Social Security about your employment and be careful to stay under the SGA limit.

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