Can Social Security deny you because of no mental evaluation?

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Yes, Social Security can deny you because you don’t go to your mental evaluation. The Social Security disability determination process is the same for all individuals who file for disability benefits in that disability specialists have to have medical evidence to support their disability determinations.

Most often, they can get the necessary information from your medical treatment records; however there are situations in which more recent or more detailed medical information is needed to determine the severity of your disabling condition.

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Since the question is whether or not your disability claim can be denied because you have no mental evaluation, the question will be answered in a way that explains why you need to have your mental evaluation.

A mental evaluation may be needed if you do not have mental health treatment, or your treatment is not current (within the past 90 days), or your have mental health treatment but the disability specialist needs clarification. The disability specialist working on your case would not schedule a mental evaluation unless they needed it to make disability determination.

If you fail to attend the mental evaluation, your claim may be denied for failure to cooperate.

In summary, you should attend your mental evaluation if you are interested in being approved for disability benefits.

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