Social Security Disability SSI – mistakes not to make 3

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#3 – This one is not so much a mistake to avoid, but, rather a suggestion to take. If you have questions about your pending social security disability or SSI disability claim or appeal, don’t call the social security administration’s toll free line. Reason: over the past few years, I’ve had to deal with many situations in which a claimant became upset after calling the 1-800 #. In almost every case, someone at the toll-free line erroneously informed the claimant that their disability claim was either not in the system, or that an appeal had not been filed.

Being upset over this kind of news is understandable –if you thought an appeal had been filed for your claim two months ago and someone at SSA told you it had NEVER been filed, “upset” would probably be an understatement for the emotions that would fill you. However, in each of these instances, the information given at the toll free line was completely wrong (i.e. the claim was pending or an appeal had long since been filed).

Why does this happen at the toll free number? Again, I don’t know. I can only say, based on experience, that if you have a question about the status of your social security disability or SSI claim, don’t call that number. Instead, call disability determination services if your claim is at the initial or first appeal level (you can get the number from the social security office), call the hearing office if you have requested an appeal, and, if you have representation, have your lawyer or non attorney rep inquire into the status of your case for you.

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