If I get approved for disability, will I get kicked off later?

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Everyone who is approved for disability will be set up for periodic reviews of their disability claim. These are called CDRs, which means continuing disability reviews. These happen every few years. Sometimes, if you are working part-time while you are getting disability, your work activity can trigger a review, known as a work CDR. When your claim is reviewed, there is always the chance you will lose your benefits.

However, most people are continued. And people who work for SSA as disability examiners routinely state that it is difficult to stop someone’s benefits. This is because to kick someone off benefits, Social Security has to prove that they have had medical improvement and this is usually difficult for them to do.

So, in general, the vast majority of individuals who have been approved to receive SSD or SSI disability benefits do not have to worry about oneday losing their monthly benefits as the result of a normal periodic review of their claim.

In actuality, what people have more to worry about is a return to work activity and subsequently going over the allowable limit for earnings while receiving disability AND failing to report work activity to Social Security.

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