What type of back problems qualify for disability?

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Social Security will evaluate any medical impairment for disability benefits as the focus of an SSD or SSI disability claim is on the severity of the condition and how it limits a person from working, versus simply the condition itself.

Individuals routinely apply for painful and limiting back problems such as facet arthritis, arthritis of the spine i.e. osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc (sometimes referred to as a slipped disc), and ruptured disc (also known HNP, or herniated nucleus pulposus).

One thing to bear in mind when applying for disability is that Social Security is looking for evidence of reduced function, which translates into a reduced ability to work. For disorders of the spine, Social Security is looking for decreased range of function and motor function, as well as pain.

Many individuals have significant lower, mid, or cervical spine issues that cause daily, ongoing pain and discomfort while not causing muscle atrophy, weakness, or significant loss of range of motion. For these individuals, it will be especially important to list all medical conditions, physical and mental, in order to present a stronger case.

If a person has depression that, combined with the daily burden of pain, makes it especially difficult to engage in normal, daily activities, treatment for this should be documented so that it can be evaluated by a disability examiner or a judge at a hearing.

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