Tips for Getting Disability Benefits

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If you know a few things in advance about the disability claim process, you can make it easier for yourself. You won’t necessarily make the process faster, or more likely to result in an approval, but you can save yourself grief.

However, having just said that, it is absolutely worth mentioning that there are situations in which you can speed up your case, or help improve the chances of winning the case.

These two topics are addressed here:

1. Speeding up a case: How can you speed up a Social Security Disability case? and even more specifically here: Speeding up the Social Security Disability or SSI Claim Process
2. Improving the chances of winning: How do I Improve My Chances of Winning Disability? and How do you Win disability Benefits?

Now, if you haven’t actually filed your claim for disability benefits yet, these following pages can be helpful. They provide several things to think about as you get your SSD or SSI claim started.

1. Get prepared before you have your disability application interview. – This can save you considerable time and irritation, as well as help your claim.

2. Get your medical records together yourself. – When a claimant gets their own records together and submits them at the time of application, the effect can be that the case, when it lands on the desk of the disability examiner, is “ready to go”.

3. Get your pain symptoms on record – SSA does a poor job of giving pain the proper consideration. Make sure your pain and how it affects you is plain and obvious.

These tips and more appear on the following page: Tips and Advice for Social Security Disability and SSI Claims. However, this page also addresses tips for appeals, such as the reconsideration appeal and the disability hearing.

Finally, here are some additional tips about filing for disability:

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For more information about SSD and SSI on this site, please refer to the pages and sections linked below.