What hours can I work and get disability?

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Topic: How much can I work in hours and pay and get disability?

Question: I am waiting to hear back from disability regarding my case…I was told I could not work more than 20 hours a week or make more than 1100 a week? Is this true? It might take me another 3 months to hear back with their decision and currently I am not working.

At the current time, you are only allowed to earn $1180.00 gross per month not week. If you go over that amount you are not eligible for disability and your disability claim may be recalled for a denial on the basis of work activity.

Why does this earnings limit exist? Eligibility for disability is based on a person’s inability to work and earn what SSA calls a substantial and gainful income. This amount is basically the threshold. If your earnings go over this amount, you will not have what the SSD or SSI programs consider to be a disability.

Here is the most up-to-date amount for the gross earned income limit known as SGA.

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