Can you get disability for migraines?

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Topic: Are depilitating migraines a disability to get SSI?

Question: Are depilitating migraines a disability to get SSI? I’m not talking one or two a year. I’m talking for 8 years and they can last for months at a time versus a day or two.

Yes, migraines could be considered a disability for Social Security. And it likely that if you suffer from migraines, you probably have another condition as well. This is true simply because very few individuals file for disability while listing just one medical condition.

See: Migraines and PTSD often occur together.

Currently, there is no listing that specifically lists the criteria need be approved. However, individuals with severe and debilitating migraines are being approved using other impairment listings. And the disability listings are not the only route for approval. If an analysis of your work history and medical history shows you cannot do your past work or perform other work, you may approved through a medical vocational allowance approval.

You can lose nothing by applying for disability. I am not sure if you have been unable to work, or have reduced your work activity because of your migraines. If either situation is the case, you may wish to apply for Social Security disability or SSI. Which program your claim is taken in (and it could be both) will depend on the evaluation that is made by Social Security when you file.

If you are not insured for SSD, keep in mind the SSI program has resource and income limits that must be met along with the medical criteria. Specifically, what we mean by this is that if your claim is for SSI only, you cannot have more than $2000 in countable assets in order to qualify through non-medical requirements.

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