Can I get married and still get my Social Security Disability?

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Getting married and continuing to receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, or SSA, will depend really on which program you are receiving benefits in. This is because, although the definition of disability is always the same (i.e. what does Social Security consider a disability?), there are differences in non-medical requirements between the programs.

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, meaning that your disability benefit amount is based on your earnings over the years, there will be no problem with getting married. You will receive your normal SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) disability benefits. Your spouse’s income will not influence or affect your monthly SSD benefits. Neither will your spouse’s assets or resources (real estate, vehicles, savings, stocks, bonds, or any other type of assets).

If you are receiving SSI disability, your disability benefit amount could be affected by your spouse’s income and/or resources (assets). Your spouse’s countable assets could potentially put you over the limit for receiving SSI benefits. The same could be true of their income. All of this is because, of course, SSI disability is a program that is based on need. If you get married to another indivdual, what they have in income and/or assets could certainly determine whether or not you continue to get SSI.

If you are receiving disability based upon a parent’s earnings, your disability benefits will stop if you marry anyone other than a SSDI recipient.

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