Screwing up Social Security – Years of SSA cuts have already taken their toll

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As I post this article, it’s immediately apparent to me that this is NOT a new thing…which is not allowing the Social Security Administration to have enough of a budget so that A) SSA field office workers can do their job and so that B) members of the public can actually get the service they require and deserve.

Let’s keep something in mind: Social Security, either in it’s retirement or disability form, is not a gimme. It is an earned benefit. Every single person that works and has FICA payroll taxes taken out of their paychecks is paying into a system that is supposed to be there in the event that we retire or become medically disabled.

Part and parcel of “there” is that the system actually functions at an optimum level such that if we, the public, have questions, we can get them answered, and that if we have problems or issues these can be addressed.

Hard to do with budgeting that since before even 2005 only has allowed SSA to replace, out of all the workers who have quit or retired, only 1 out of every 3.

That’s an awful and short-sighted way to run an agency this important. As this article states, “To retirees, near-retirees and disability applicants the effects aren’t invisible. They show up in deteriorating customer service at every level.”

“Years of SSA cuts have already taken their toll,” Kathleen Romig of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported earlier this month, “leading to long waits on the phone and in field offices for taxpayers and beneficiaries, as well as record-high disability backlogs.”

As of the date of this article, the United States Senate was trying to cut the SSA budget by $400 million, or nearly 4%. That’s on top of 1 1/2 decades of underbudgeting. Imagine what would happen if the budget at the local DMV kept getting cut or restrained. Poor service or lack of service would be the result. That’s the same situation faced by SSA. Faced by every citizen who oneday will require the services of SSA.

Here’s the article: Congress tries to squeeze more out of Social Security, wrecking its customer service

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