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Welcome to the Social Security Disability Resource Center.

SSDRC.COM has a lot of content, much of it answering very basic questions about SSD and SSI, including applications and appeals, hearings, and back pay. However, there is quite a lot more content on the site. And that's because there really are a millions things to know about how the Social Security system works. They may not apply to every case, but each year there are millions of cases, and they are not all the same. Thus, many questions.

Good luck on your disability case and remember to never give up, because persistence really is the key to winning your disability benefits.

Topic Hubs on SSDRC

An overview of Social Security Disability and SSI

What are the requirements for getting disability?

How to file for disability and what to do before an after you file

How long does it take for disability decisions, appeals, and benefits?

What you should know about Social Security Disability and SSI Denials

Filing for disability with mental conditions

Questions relating to Disability benefits

Answers to Questions about SSI Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits for Children

Disability Qualifications and How to Qualify for Benefits

Winning your Social Security Disability or SSI claim

Social Security Disability Back Pay Benefits

Social Security Disability SSI Awards and Award Notices

Questions (lots of them) readers sent in over the years

Note: the dates refer to when the list was created not when the question was actually submitted.

Previously answered questions regarding SSD and SSI

Answers to various questions about disability

Is there a Social Security Appeals Time Limit?

Can I Talk To the Disability Examiner Working On My Case?

What Expenses Will A Social Security Attorney Charge In Addition To The Fee?

Do Most People Need To See A Judge To Get Disability Benefits From Social Security?

Social Security Disability Lawyers and 21% Back Pay

Will Social Security Attempt To Get A Letter From Your Doctor To Help Your Case?

What Is The Difference between Social Security Disability and SSI?

How is Social Security Disability and SSI Awarded?

Will my children get benefits if I get approved for disability?

Why Does It Take So Long To Get A Call Back From The Social Security Office?

Social Security Disability and Money in the Bank

How long do you have To Be Out Of Work Before You Get Social Security Disability (SSD)?

The first appeal in a Social Security Disability or SSI case

Using a Lawyer for an SSDI Disability Case

Does Being Represented On A Disability Claim Win The Case Faster?

The Social Security List of Disabling Conditions that Qualify

Find a lawyer who has experience with disability claims

Answers to questions regarding SSD and SSI areas of concern

Tips and Advice for Social Security Disability and SSI Claims

Filing for disability benefits - where to go, tips, conditions

Social Security Disability SSI decisions

What is considered a Disabling condition by Social Security?

The Disability Decision Process and What gets taken into Consideration

Information for Winning Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits

What is your eligibility for receiving disability benefits

Getting Denied for Disability Benefits - reasons, notices, what to do

Answers to Common Questions about Disability and SSI

Questions about being approved for disability

The Social Security Disability and SSI Appeal Process

Information on the Social Security Hearing Process

Information about the SSI Disability Benefits Program

Social Security Disability SSI and whether or not you can work

Medical Examinations for Social Security Disability and SSI

Social Security Disability SSI: Medical Evidence, Records, and Limitations

Social Security Disability SSI and Doctors - Yours and Theirs

Social Security Disability and SSI Claim Reviews

Social Security and SSI based on Mental Disability

Social Security and SSI Disability Benefits for Children

Social Security Disability Representation - Disability Lawyers and Representatives

Other resources

Applying for Disability according to state of residence

The disability list of conditions and how to qualify

Find a Disability Lawyer to help win your case

Social Security Disability SSI Questions and Answers

More Social Security Disability SSI Questions and Answers

Social Security Disability SSI Definitions

My Application for Disability was given a Denial by the Examiner

Questions about disability lawyers and representation