Recent Articles and Answers to Questions September 2015

  1. How does SSA determine if a claim will be a denial or an approval?

  2. Do you have to quit your job before filing for disability?

  3. Can you qualify for Social Security Disability on the basis of fibromyalgia?

  4. What are the requirements and criteria for Social Security Disability?

  5. Can you get disability if you are younger age?

  6. Disability at age 50 or older

  7. Social Security Disability SSI and proving you can't work

  8. How Residual Functional Capacity affects Social Security Disability and SSI claims

  9. If I am waiting for a Disability Hearing, how often should I see my doctor?

  10. Calling Social Security about a Disability Exam that was scheduled

  11. How does social security decide your disability claim?

  12. Tips for Social Security Disability Psychological and mental testing

  13. How Long does a Social Security Disability Determination take After Seeing the Psychologist?

  14. Social Security Disability Mental Psychological Exam and Questions that get Asked

  15. Does social security deny strong disability claims?

  16. Social Security Disability is different from VA disability

  17. Why are you denied the first time you are denied for disability?

  18. What Happens To Social Security Disability Benefits After Divorce?

  19. Can I do What I want with my Social Security Back Pay?

  20. How much information should you put on a disability application?

  21. What disability claimants get angry about - Part I

  22. Social Security and not getting the medical records

  23. Social Security Disability will sometimes order X-rays but never an MRI

  24. When does a case go to the Social Security Disability review board?

  25. How long will an SSI or SSDI disability claim take?

  26. Using a lawyer to potentially speed up the disability appeal process

  27. Speeding up the Social Security Disability or SSI Claim Process

  28. Social Security Award Letter and being due a substantial back pay amount

  29. Reasons to get a representative who specializes in disability claims only

  30. When you apply for Social Security Disability should you send copies of your xrays?

  31. Getting approved for disability based on being blind

  32. How to answer questions at a Social Security Disability CE examination

  33. What disability claimants get angry about - Part II

  34. How does Social Security consider pain?

  35. Getting approved for disability based on being blind

  36. Anxiety about a Social Security Disability medical exam

  37. Can you get disability for OCD?

  38. Can you get disability for Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia?

  39. Is Chronic Fatigue considered a disability by Social Security?

  40. Is an FCE the same thing as the RFC evaluation done by Social Security Disability?

  41. How is memory loss considered by Social Security Disability?

  42. Is Morbid Obesity Considered A Disability?

  43. SSDI Request for Reconsideration

  44. Social Security Disability Back Payment Lump Sum

  45. Appealing a Social Security Disability Claim decision

  46. SSI Reconsideration vs SSDI Disability Reconsideration

  47. Tips for filing a Social Security Disability Reconsideration

  48. Social Security Disability denial letter and appeal

  49. What happens after you request a disability hearing?

  50. Steps and Tips for requesting a disability hearing

  51. Which medical conditions will social security recognize as a disability?

  52. If I don't get disability back pay, do I pay a lawyer fee?

  53. What is the average time for an answer after a SSDI or SSI disability hearing?

  54. Will I get an increase in my SSI check?

  55. Getting disability and receiving a personal injury settlement

  56. Do disability benefits come from SSI or SSDI?

  57. Why do I keep getting denied for disability?

  58. Disability claim at reconsideration appeal level

  59. If approved at a disability hearing, when do you get a letter or check?

  60. Applying for Disability or SSI with a cochlear implant

  61. Can you apply for disability in your sixties?

  62. Social Security Disability decisions by judges and examiners

  63. Can you get SSI for a mental disability if there is a trust fund?

  64. Does Social Security send you to their doctors?

  65. How hard is it to qualify for disability?

  66. A disability lawyer question

  67. Will my disbility be stopped if I work?

  68. Do I lose my disability benefits if I go to school?

  69. Is Social Security Disability separate from SSI?

  70. Using the right medical evidence to win disability benefits

  71. Social Security Disability, medium work, and your records

  72. SSD, SSI, and medium, light, and sedentary work

  73. What Does Social Security Consider To Be a Disability?

  74. How many hours can you work if you are receiving Social Security Disability?

  75. Decisions on disability applications, fully and partially favorable

  76. How do you get Social Security Disability?

  77. Steps for Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

  78. What medical conditions get you approved for disability?

  79. Social Security Disability qualifications

  80. How to claim disability benefits

  81. SSI Back Pay after being Approved

  82. Can they take my Social Security Disability away?

  83. Can you Refuse to go to a Social Security Medical Examination?

  84. How does social security figure out what to pay a disability attorney?

  85. How many people get approved for disability from Social Security?

  86. Social Security Disability SSI and mental condition diagnosis

  87. When should I have doctor complete a statement for my disability case?

  88. Will you need a disability attorney if you have a mental condition?

  89. When You Apply For Disability Do You Get Back Pay For the Five Month Waiting Period?

  90. Getting a good disability lawyer

  91. Social Security Disability listings and medical exams

  92. Not taking medications can affect a Social Security Disability SSI claim

  93. Determining Social Security Disability and SSI eligibility

  94. What Forms Do You Use to File For Social Security Disability?

  95. How a Social Security Disability or SSI award is made

  96. Disability attorneys and RFC forms

  97. Social Security Disability, long term disability, and offset

  98. Disability applications can be denied for failure to cooperate

  99. Help filing for disability benefits with Social Security

  100. How long or short is the Social Security Medical exam?

  101. Tips for SSD and SSI disability hearings

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