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  46. I am on disability for cerebral palsy. Will I lose my Social Security Disability if I marry?

  47. Does SSA consider my entire work history or just recent work history?

  48. I receive retirement and am legally blind with retinitis pigmentosa, can I also file for disability?

  49. Does SSI disability come with automatic medical care?

  50. Am I disabled with obesity, muscle spasms, bone spurs, and advanced arthritis in my spine?

  51. Is it possible to file for Temporary Disability Income through Social Security?

  52. Your Social Security Disability amount is based on your work history and earnings

  53. Why does a Veteran's Spouse lose SSI after a service connected disability is approved?

  54. Can a disability lawyer or representative charge an hourly fee for just helping to file the claim?

  55. If I apply for disability and my doctor says I am disabled, is there a waiting period to receive benefits?

  56. Will Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis in my hands qualify for disability?

  57. Will having a terminal illness guarantee an approval for Social Security Disability or SSI?

  58. Can disability be awarded for depression for a time until I am fully recovered?

  59. Is my daughter eligible to receive Social Security since she has been diagnosed with ADHD?

  60. Does Social Security take into consideration gross earnings or net earnings?

  61. With 100 percent Veterans Benefits, are you still eligible for disability?

  62. If Social Security says you have an overpayment can you have a hearing by a judge?

  63. What is the specific amount you can earn on Social Security Disability?

  64. Are there retroactive Social Security Benefits payable when reduced early retirement is taken at 62?

  65. Can you apply for disability if you already receive Social Security?

  66. SSI disability and monthly mortgage payments

  67. Will working part-time affect my SSD?

  68. When does Social Security pay the first disability benefit check?

  69. Getting SSDI but making too much money

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  71. For your Social Security Disability claim, submit whatever medical evidence you have

  72. Receiving SSDI payments and working below the SGA limit

  73. Receiving Social Security Disability and living in another country

  74. With low earnings can you be considered for Social Security Disability payments?

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  78. Facing the possibility of having to leave work and go back on disability

  79. Can I get disability if I have seizures?

  80. If you meet a Social Security Disability listing, can a judge deny your claim?

  81. What happens if you miss your Social Security Disability Phone Interview?

  82. Filing for Social Security on the record of a spouse while still working

  83. A question about Social Security Disability converting to Social Security retirement

  84. If my account goes over the $2000 asset limit for one day, will it cause a problem for my SSI disability?

  85. Will surgery on limbs give you a chance of getting disability?

  86. What if Social Security Disability does not follow my doctor's assessment of my condition?

  87. Does sleep apnea treatment qualify a person for temporary SSI disability?

  88. Was I treated unfairly by the judge at my disability hearing?

  89. You can qualify for disability based on epilepsy in two separate ways

  90. Filing for disability and the difficulty of switching to other work when you have medical problems

  91. SSI, household income, parental income, and living arrangements

  92. Is it possible that I will lose my disability benefits when my case is being reviewed?

  93. Can I file a disability claim for my adult child who lacks mental capacity?

  94. Will getting retirement affect my application for disability based on COPD?

  95. What does it mean when a Social Security Disability claim is expedited?

  96. Why does a disability claim take so long and is it harder if I am under age 55?

  97. Will my Social Security Disability check be lowered by a pension?

  98. If you get Social Security Disability and go back to work, do you have to pay anything back?

  99. Does the disability attorney fee have a cap?

  100. How to update your Social Security Disability or SSI claim

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