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Recent Articles and Answers to Questions June 2018

  1. What happens if you become disabled and are not insured for social security?

  2. Can a husband and wife both receive Social Security disability?

  3. What medical conditions automatically qualify for disability?

  4. Can I get SSI if my wife works?

  5. What if I donít get a decision on my SSI claim by the 90 day period?

  6. What do they ask in a SSDI interview?

  7. Can I get Social Security disability off my spouseís record?

  8. Can I get disability with a frozen shoulder?

  9. Can Social Security look at your medical records?

  10. How long must your impairment last to qualify for disability benefits?

  11. How does investment income affect Social Security disability?

  12. How does the nine-month period work for Social Security disability?

  13. How much do you make on disability?

  14. Can Social Security find all your medical records?

  15. Does Social Security disability require that your savings be depleted?

  16. What does it mean when I have to see another doctor for SSDI?

  17. Do I need an attorney to get disability?

  18. Getting the Status of your Disability Hearing Request

  19. Can I get disability if I have never worked?

  20. Will Social Security send you to a psychologist?

  21. Find a lawyer who has experience with disability claims

  22. Medical records for SSD or SSI disability application

  23. Will I be sent to my own doctor for a disability examination for SSD or SSI?

  24. 3 things to know about an SSI Reconsideration decision

  25. Should I hire a disability lawyer?

  26. How to get an SSDI reconsideration approved

  27. Denied social security disability, now what?

  28. Can I receive temporary SSI disability benefits?

  29. Can you still get SSI if you are denied SSDI?

  30. Does SSA go by onset date or application date for back pay?

  31. Disability Judges and the Decision on your Disability Claim

  32. Who can help me file for disability?

  33. Why does Social Security deny you with a lawyer?

  34. Why is there a waiting period for disability?

  35. What is the maximum of hours to work and still get disability?

  36. Can I get disability on the basis for foot drop?

  37. Do you have to notify your employer if you apply for Social Security?

  38. How long after my consultative appointments will I get a decision on my disability claim?

  39. What to do if you are under review for disability?

  40. If I apply for disability will they cut my husbandís disability?

  41. Can I collect on my spouseís VA disability and my SSDI?


  43. When should I seek representation for my disability claim?

  44. Will calling Social Security about your disability review, trigger the review happening?

  45. Does disability contact your employer?

  46. Better chance of being approved for disability with physicianís statement?

  47. If you are on Social Security retirement can you file for disability?

  48. Can I apply for Social Security disability while on workers compensation?

  49. SSD lawyer pay when they win the case

  50. Can I get disability and SSI?

  51. Short term Social Security disability

  52. Do I receive Social Security disability for the rest of my life?

  53. Can attorneys get SSDI and SSI cases to the Administrative Law Judge faster?

  • What medical conditions will get you approved for disability?

  • What kind of Mental Problems Qualify for Disability?

  • Which conditions will social security recognize as a disability?

  • Tips for getting Social Security Disability or SSI benefits approved

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