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Medicare Coverage through the Social Security Disability Program - The Medicare program offers two major health coverage entitlements: Medicare part A and B, along with more recent additions part C and D... continued at:

Do I automatically receive Medicare benefits if I'm approved for disability benefits? - It is commonly reported that a person has to wait for 24 months before they can use their medicare coverage. However, saying it this way is a bit misleading. It is more accurate to say that in the SSA (the social security administration) disability system, medicare begins 24 months from the month that a beneficiary became entitled to receive their SSDI monthly benefits... continued at:

Medicare dot gov - This is the official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare. The tools provided on this site allow individuals to make comparisons of medicare prescription drug plans, gain information about medicare eligibility and enrollment, find area suppliers of medical equipment, locate doctors, find dialysis facilities, and compare area hospitals. The site also provides information on medicare prescription drug plans by state.

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Medicare information from SSA - Located on one of the federal government's social security websites (there are several), this page provides answers to a number of medicare specific questions that should, at any qiven time, reflect the most accurate information available.

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Formerly known as the Health Care Financing Administratio, or HCFA, the centers for medicare and medicaid services is the federal agency responsible for administering medicare (prior to 1977, this was the responsibility of the social security administration).

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Medicare Advocacy - The center for medicare advocacy, by its own definition, is a national-level non-partisan education and advocacy group whose mission is to help ensure that elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities have access to Medicare benefits and quality-level health care.

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Social Security Disability Questions - The information and question and answer section for the topics social security disability and SSI disability. Additional information can be found on the social security disability blog as well as on a number of SSD and SSI question and answer pages:

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