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Should you get a Statement from a Personal Physician for your SSD or SSI Disability Case?
A statement from a doctor can, in many social security disability and SSI cases, make the difference between winning or losing a claim. But not just any statement.

What Forms will I need to Complete when I apply for disability?
At the time of filing for disability benefits in a local social security office, you will undergo an application interview with a claims rep (usually referred to as a CR).

What if you make too much when You Apply for Disability Benefits? (Technical Denials)
Technical denials may be given when a person is working and earning too much when they apply for disability, or when they lack insured status for social security disability (have not paid enough into the system to qualify), or have too much income or assets to qualify for SSI disability

Does social security contact your former work employers when you file for disability?
There are occasions in which an examiner will contact a claimant's former employer.

Can you file for Social Security disability for a mental disorder or problem?
You may file for Social Security disability or SSI for a mental problem or disorder, if it prevents you from performing substantial gainful work activity.

Can I Collect Unemployment While I File For Disability Benefits (SSD or SSI)?
Social Security only cares about your earnings; the Employment Security Commission, however, does have a problem with individuals who collect unemployment benefits while filing for disability.

Financial Help When You Are Filing For Disability
The initial claim can take four months (or longer) to be evaluated, after which 70 percent are rejected.

Do You Have To Be Out Of Work For A Long Time Before You Can File For Disability?
There is no maximum wait time to file for Social Security disability benefits, in terms of having been out of work.

The SSD, Social Security Disability Date of Application
The date you file an application will affect the amount of back pay that you are entitled to receive.

Does Social Security disability pay for doctor visits?
A consultative examination is for the purpose of gathering additional medical evidence so a decision can be made on your disability claim.

The Social Security Disability Doctor Appointment is Called a CE
The CE is typically needed in cases in which the claimant has no recent medical records that document his current state of health.

What should you say if you go to a Social Security Exam?
Unfortunately, some physicians who perform CEs are a bit skeptical of, even biased against, those seeking disability.

If Social Security Disability sends you to an Exam, will it be done by your doctor?
It is probably in the claimant’s best interest to have the exam done by his or her treating physician, as the exams paid for by the social security administration are notoriously brief.

Applying for Disability - What are the Rules and Guidelines when you Apply?
The following pages discuss the processing of qualifying for disability benefits and include information on how to prepare for filing a claim, in terms of gathering the needed information.

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Information on the following topics can be found here: Social Security Disability Questions and in these subsections:

Frequently asked questions about getting Denied for Disability Benefits | FAQ on Disability Claim Representation | Info about Social Security Disability Approvals and Being Approved | FAQ on Social Security Disability SSI decisions | The SSD SSI Decision Process and what gets taken into consideration | Disability hearings before Judges | Medical exams for disability claims | Applying for Disability in various states | Selecting and hiring Disability Lawyers | Applying for Disability in North Carolina | Recent articles and answers to questions about SSD and SSI

These pages answer some of the most basic questions for individuals who are considering filing a claim.

Filing for disability - How to file for SSD or SSI and the Information that is needed by Social Security
How to Apply for Disability - What medical conditions can you apply and qualify for?
Applying for Disability - How long does it take to get Social Security Disability or SSI benefits?
What happens if I file a disability application and it is denied by a disability examiner or Judge?
How to Prove you are disabled and qualify to win disability benefits
How do you prove your disability case if you have a mental condition or impairment?
Social Security Disability Back pay and How Long it Takes to Qualify for it and receive it
Social Security Disability SSI - Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications Criteria