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Winning Disability Benefits from Social Security Part II

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What types of information is Social Security Disability looking for?
Accurate information, or the lack of it, can certainly have an impact on a claim and can push a disability claim toward an approval or a denial.

What Percentage Of Social Security Disability or SSI Cases Does A Judge Deny?
Nearly sixty-five percent of all initial disability claims end in denial, which basically means that sixty-five disability applicants out of every one hundred who file an initial disability application are denied.

What kind of cases win disability benefits?
Cases involving certain impairments are likely candidates for approval. The reason that these types of conditions often win disability benefits at the initial disability claim level is that they often meet or equal the listing criteria of an impairment listing.

Can you win your Disability Case by Yourself?
It should be pointed out that many claimants simply will not require representation at the first two levels of the system. At a disability hearing, however, a claimant would, without question, handicap their case by going it alone.

How will an attorney help me win disability benefits?
An attorney who specializes in the representation of social security cases can present your claim in an organized manner that will be more favorable to your disability claim.

Winning a Social Security Disability Appeal or SSI Appeal
In just about every instance, it makes more sense for a disability claimant to appeal their case rather than filing a new disability claim.

Do Most People Need To See A Judge To Get Disability Benefits From Social Security?
The worst thing about having to see a judge to get disability benefits is the wait for a disability hearing. Social Security hearing offices across the country have large backlogs of hearing requests.

Why does Representation increase the win ratio at a Social Security Disability or SSI Hearing?
To explain, we should sum up what a disability attorney or non-attorney actually does to prepare for a hearing.

Why Is It Hard to be Found Disabled for Social Security Disability or SSI for Seizures?
I have read this question, or ones very similar to it in forums, and really there is no pat answer to the question. Here are some types of responses that I have come across for this question.

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