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How many work quarters do you need to qualify for disability?
The number of work quarters or credits needed to qualify for disability will depend on a person's age at the time they become disabled.

How does Social Security Disability get Information about your past work?
Obviously, getting an accurate description of the work history is vital since SSD and SSI decisions involve vocational information as well as medical record information.

Can You Get Approved For Social Security Disability If You Do Not Take Medication Or Go To a Doctor?
A word of caution: you should always review your treating physician's notes before filing for disability.

How Can You Get Medical Records For A Disability Case If You Have No Insurance?
I have seen this question in so many disability forums recently, and I think it is important to provide some answers as to how Social Security looks at medical records when they are making their disability determinations.

If You File For Social Security Disability How Far Back Will They Look At Your Medical Records?
Social Security disability determinations require medical records back to the date of onset (when an individual became unable to work due to their disabling impairment or impairments)

Proving a Social Security Disability Case Often Means Getting a Statement from Your Doctor
Such statements tend to be very effective with disability judges at hearings, assuming that the statement is supported by the bulk of the medical evidence

What If You Did Not Work Long Enough To Qualify For Disability?
If you did not work long enough to qualify for disability, there may still be a way for you to receive disability benefits.

What does Social Security Disability Need to Know about your Work History and Jobs?
The disability examiner will need to properly identify each job from the claimant's relevant work history. This means potentially each job that was performed by the claimant in the fifteen year period prior to their filing for disability.

Qualifying for Disability - What is Social Security Looking for?
What is social security looking for in medical record documentation? Evidence of limitations. For example, if you have a back condition, you may have difficulty with bending or crouching, or standing or sitting for prolonged periods.

Qualifications for SSI and Social Security Disability
If a person has a severe condition that prevents them from earning a substantial and gainful income, will it result in their being given a social security disability award (or SSI award as the case may be)? Not necessarily.

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