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What Forms will I need to Complete when I apply for disability?

At the time of filing for disability benefits in a local social security office, you will undergo an application interview with a claims rep (usually referred to as a CR). During this inteview, you will be asked about your disabling condition and you will complete certain forms that are needed to initiate your claim.

The forms used by social security are designed to collect information about your medical condition, work history, when your condition began and when it became disabling (for adults, "disabling" is considered to be the time that your condition was severe enough that you could no longer work so you will need to supply this date, or approximate date), and your activities of daily living. Most of the forms will collect information directly from you, the claimant. However, some of the forms, such as the SSA-827 medical release form, will be used to gather information from your various doctors and medical treatment providers.

These forms include the following:

The form SSA-3367, Disability Interview Form (used by the CR to conduct the interview)

The form SSA-3368, Adult Disability Report (this form collects information about when your disability started, and where you have received medical treatent; for a child, the form SSA-3820, Child Disability Report, is used)

The form SSA-3369, Work History Report (for a child, a Child Function Report -- there are multiple form numbers)

The form SSA-3373, Adult Function Report (gathers details about your ADLs, or activities of daily living)

The form SSA-3380, The Third party function report (this form gathers information about your activities of daily living from whomever your designate as your third party contact -- this individual could be a friend, neighbor, or relative and this individual should be chosen carefully since they essentially be asked how your condition affects your daily life and how it may limit your ability to do basic tasks.

The form SSA-827, Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration (sent to all the doctors, hospitals, and clinics that you list as part of your history of receiving medical treatment).

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