Should I get a representative for my disability claim?

Some disabled individuals do not actually need to consider attorney representation for a disability claim until the hearings level of appeal (i.e. the Social Security Disability hearing). That being said, however, some disability applicants are not able to handle their paperwork or file the appeal in a timely manner.

In fact, a significant percentage of claimants fail to file their paperwork in a way that gives them the most advantage and many fail to submit all their required forms by the deadline. The effect of missing a deadline, of course, is that a claimant may have to start over with a new claim which amounts to wasting months of valuable time. Consequently some disability applicants will need to have a representative at the initial claim or reconsideration appeal level.

Should you get a representative? When considering this question, you should do whatever works for you. You do not have to have a representative at any step in the process. You do not even have to have a representative at the hearing level. However, with regard to hearings, you should consider the fact that an average individual knows nothing about Social Security law.

If you will be attending a disability hearing, you should certainly be prepared and attempt to maximize your chance of winning (especially since it can take 1-2 years to get a hearing scheduled). Like all hearings, of course, (not just disability hearings) it is usually wise to have a representative who is familiar with the law, in this case social security law.

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