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Will I Get SSI or SSD Disability With a Ruptured Disc?

SSI (supplemental Security Income) disability is a need based disability program administered by the Social Security Administration. Like all need-based programs, an individualís ability to receive benefits depends upon meeting certain income and resource limits. In addition to income and resource limits, an individual must have a medically determinable mental impairment and/or physical impairment that has prevented them from performing any substantial work activity (SGA) for twelve months, is expected to prevent substantial work activity for twelve months, or is expected to result in death.

Social Security disability programs are based more upon an individualís residual functionality (what an individual is able to do despite the limitations imposed upon them by their medical condition or conditions), than what an individualís particular medical or mental condition.

So will an individual get SSI disability with a ruptured disc?

The answer to this question is ďpossiblyĒ. Keep in mind; your ruptured disc has to be a medically determinable impairment that is documented by objective medical evidence such as an MRI, CT scan, or x -ray, along with clinical information including an analysis of your symptoms and medical examinations.

Social Security does accept statements from your treating physician and third parties (friends, employers, family members, etc.), however these statements are basically worthless without objective medical evidence. If possible, it is important to have an established medical history with a treating physician, however even hospital emergency room medical treatment records are preferable to no treatment notes.

Remember, SSI and Social Security disability depends upon what an individual is able to be in spite their disabling condition. If your ruptured disc has prevented you from performing routine daily activities such as personal grooming, driving, household chores, and substantial work activity, your chances of being medically approved for SSI or Social Security disability due to your ruptured disc are good. Since SSI disability is a need based disability program you have to be medically approved for disability, as well as meet income and resource limits to get disability benefits.

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