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Working while on Social Security Disability and Not Reporting

On this topic, there can only be one thing to say. If you receive social security disability, always report work activity and earnings to the social security administration.

A failure to do this can potentially result in the suspension of one's benefits, or, possibly, in an overpayment situation that may be difficult to resolve.

How soon should you report your earnings? As soon as you begin to receive them. Who should you report them to? To your local social security office. In doing this, of course, it may be wise to actually make a visit to the office versus calling and leaving a message for a social security claims representative.

One thing you would probably be wise not to do is to call and report your earnings and work activity to the social security administration's toll free line. If you do this, you run the risk of your information not being acted upon properly (the SSA 1-800 line is legendary for giving out wrong information and failing to document information that has been reported to the social security administration using this line).

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