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Surgery on limbs and the chance of being approved for disability

If you have major surgery on one or more limbs, do you have a shot at getting disability benefits?

It really depends on your level of functionality and on how this is thought to affect your ability to engage in your past work, and your ability to transition to other types of work that are considered suitable based on your age, skills, education,and rated functional limitations.

For example, a disability examiner reads your medical records to determine your level of residual functional capacity (RFC). The rating you are given is compared to the demands of your past work (which is why it is important to give SSA a good detailed work history) to find out if you are able or unable to go back to a past job. If you can't do this, and you also can't do some type of other work, you may be approved.

Basically, having surgeries on arms or legs may or may not cause Social Security to find you disabled. It depends on your loss of function, i.e. the residual functional capacity you have remaining.

Very many individuals are found to be unable to go back to their past work as a result of the medical vocational decision process used by SSA, but are then denied on the basis of being able to do some type of other work based on their skills and education. This is, in part, why so many cases are denied at the first two levels of the system and then go to the hearing level where the case can be argued for approval.

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