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How Is A Social Security Disability Claim Affected If I Move During My Review?

Someone recently wrote: "How Is A Social Security Disability Claim Affected If I Move During My Review? I Am Moving From One County To Another But Within The Same State"

The most important thing to remember about Social Security disability is that it is a federal disability program and, as such, individuals who receive disability benefits are free to move around within the United States. This, of course, includes moving from county to county within the same state, or even moving state to state.

However, if your disability claim is in the middle of a review you do have some responsibilities with regard to your continuing disability review. If you know you are going to be moving to another county or state, you should contact the local Social Security office that has jurisdiction of your continuing disability review and notify them that you have moved.

You may be wondering why is this important since an individual has the right to move whenever they wish to and still receive their Social Security disability benefits. Well, the answer is quite simple really. You may have moved outside the jurisdiction of the Social Security office that is responsible for processing your disability review; consequently your disability review would need to be transferred to the Social Security office that has jurisdiction for your new address.

Just a reminder to all disability beneficiaries: it is very important to notify Social Security of any change to your contact information even if you are not subject to a continuing disability review. Social Security must have the ability to contact you, if necessary, and if they are not able to it could potentially lead to a suspension of your benefits until they determine your whereabouts.

It also goes without saying that moving from state to state or county to county does not change the amount of the monthly benefit that Social Security pays.

However, some states and possibly some counties have additional subsidies for Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries and those subsidies will stop if the individual moves to a county or state that does not provide the same subsidy.

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