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A question about filing for disability when an aneurysm was involved

"Hello,I'm a young lady dealing with headaches,and other after effects from having an aneurysm. I'm not working right now and when I do start back working I'll only be making about $770 per month,which only last me about four days,because it's spent out on bills from all month long.I won't have any leave time left to take this up coming year,and I'm wondering can I file for SSI or disibility to help my family and I out?"

Individuals who are dealing with significant residual impairments due to a past aneurysm should consider filing for Social Security disability if their residual impairments prevent them from performing substantial gainful work activity. Substantial gainful work activity is a monthly wage limit established by Social Security each year. The current wage limit is see on this SGA page. Of course, any gross earned amount per month that is under the SGA limit would allow you to work and file for disability at the same time.

As far as your chances of winning your Social Security disability benefits, that would depend upon the severity of your “after affects” and how they limit your ability to perform daily activities such as shopping, work, driving, dressing, household chores, etc.

Social Security disability concentrates on residual function (what you are able to do despite your disabling condition or conditions) rather than specific medical and / or mental impairments. Not knowing what other residual effects you have from your aneurysm or how severely they impact ability to perform routine activities make it difficult to forecast what your disability claim decision would be.

However, I certainly feel that you would be able to file and pursue you disability claim with Social Security as long as your earnings are below the SGA cutoff limit.

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