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If I get approved for SSD, how much will I receive each month?

Unlike SSI disability, which provides for an SSI maximum monthly benefit amount, the benefit amount a social security disability recipient may receive is based on their earnings record. In other words, there is no set amount.

However, according to the monthly statistical snapshot provided by the Social Security Administration, the average monthly social security disability benefit for disabled workers is currently $1166.33. If you are reading this page in a subsequent year, that amount will differ due to several reasons. One is simply that individuals on SSD get benefits according to what they earned in their work history and what they paid into the system.

However, there is a second reason for changing amounts, which are due to changes in living cost. Does the benefit amount usually increase over time? Yes, individuals who receive SSD benefits do typically receive an annual COLA, or cost of living adjustment, since SSD benefits are tied to increases in the CPI, or consumer price index. recent years cola adjustments have either been very small or in some years not at all due to low inflation as calculated by the federal government (this, despite fairly dramatic rises in the cost of basic items such as food).

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