Can you receive Medicaid even if your SSI disability is stopped?

Yes, an SSI disability benefit recipient can continue to receive their medical benefits through the medicaid program even if their earnings from work activity makes them ineligible to receive a monthly SSI benefit. How is this determined?

In each state, there is essentially a cutoff limit, or threshold, that has been set for work earnings and the relationship to medicaid eligibility. Obviously, this threshold is many many times higher than the earnings limit simply to receive SSI disability. If an SSI recipient's earnings exceed this threshold, their ability to receive medicaid will come to an end.

About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.

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