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The number of days for for filing a Social Security Disability or SSI appeal

A claimant has sixty days in which to file an appeal. This is sixty days from the date of the denial, which should be stamped in the upper right hand corner of the denial letter. Of course, social security never informs claimants that they actually have sixty-five days since an additional five days are given for mailing time.

The sixty-five day period appeals to all appeals that may be filed following a denial, which include (but are not limited to):

1. The Request for Reconsideration - filed after the denial of a disability application.

2. The Request for Hearing before an Administrative law judge - filed following the denial of a request for reconsideration.


1. How Do I Find Out How My Disability Appeal Is Going?
1. How Long Does A Social Security Disability Appeal Take?
1. How to Appeal a disability claim denial from Social Security
1. If You Get Denied For Disability Should You appeal Or file A New Claim?
1. Will I be approved for disability on my appeal?

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