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Does SSA consider my entire work history or just recent work history?

Hello, I received notice that I satisfy the medical requirements for disability and that my non-medical requirements are presently being considered. Does the SSA consider my entire work history or just my recent work history?

I am 49 and have a solid, full-time, work history 1989 through 2003. Appropriate taxes and FICA payments were made the entire time. I was a full-time mom from June 2004 through August 2009. I went back to work, full-time, September 2009 through May 2012. I have been home, full-time, since then. My medical disability determination is effective April 1, 2014. So, in considering my non-medical determination, will my ENTIRE work history be considered, or, as I've recently heard, only my last 10 years of employment prior to my effective medical determination date (of April 2014).

Many thanks for your consideration and reply.

I am sure you will be insured for Social Security disability, even if you took 5 years off. You have heard about the 10 and 20 rule for disability insured status. You must have worked 20 quarters or have worked 5 years out of the 10 years previous to your becoming disabled. I would not worry as they evaluate all of this when you file for disability. They would not send it for a medical disability decision if you were not insured for SSA purposes. Lack of work credits would have caused SSA to technically deny your claim and it would not have been sent for a medical decision.

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