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I've made several posts lately about bad advice in forums. Here's another excerpt, and certainly one of the worst pieces of advice for social security disability claims that I've come across yet.

"If your disability case gets stuck in the red tape, you should look into finding legal advice. Did you know that there there is FREE legal counsel available just about anywhere? Check around. A penny saved, you know. Only, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. Best of luck on your social security disability claim."

Why is this bad advice? Because, generally, legal aid is the last resort for a person pursuing a social security disability or SSI disability benefit claim. In fact, in one locality with which I am familiar, legal aid will not even take a claimant's case until the case has been refused by a certain law firm (and this particular firm refuses very few cases).

But there's another very good reason for not utilizing the services of a legal aid attorney and here it is: if you have applied for disability benefits and desire representation, to maximize your chances of winning you should choose a representative who specializes in social security disability and SSI cases, versus a jack-of-all-trades practitioner who has little experience in the area of disability claims and, consequently, little insight into how the system works.

The forum poster said "you can save yourself thousands of dollars". Perhaps. But there's another saying too. You get what you pay for.

FYI-- Disability representatives are paid 25% of a claimant's backpay if the case is won. If the case is not won, there is no fee, though a claimant may owe incidental expenses, typically for the cost of obtaining medical records.

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