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Can I apply to receive more money for another condition if I am already receiving disability benefits?

Is it possible for me to receive a physical and mental disability benefit at the same time? I have received physical disability since 1987. After a recent stay at the hospital I was sorting through all my paperwork. In my Health Summary, under Current Health Issues, which is a list of 11 issues, I noticed Brain Disorder to be on the list dated 08/29/2014. I also noticed under this was a list of the 7 medications I currently take daily. I wondered if they came to this conclusion because of the 7 medications which do vary from heavy pain medications to strong muscle relaxers for 27 years.

After reading and seeing this was their conclusion, it crossed my mind to apply for a mental disability. Then I wondered how would it benefit me. Would I receive more money? Would I receive Medicaid instead of Medicare? Would my 7 prescriptions be any cheaper? Could I live in a nicer home? Would all my doctors visits be any cheaper or more expensive? All kinds of questions enter my mind. Could you tell me some of the ways it would benefit me and if it would be worth the effort for me to even apply since I am a T-4 paraplegic and it is not very easy for me to go downtown without assistance from someone else and must be planned at least a day and a half or 2 days for someone in my situation.

If you are already receiving disability benefits, you cannot file for new conditions. Social Security disability benefits are based upon your earnings when you filed. If you are receiving Medicare, you could always file for Medicaid provided your income and resources are below the limits. There really is nothing more payable from Social Security and the only thing you might check for is Medicaid.

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