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My CDR, or continuing disability review, is coming up and I have been working part-time

I have recently filled out the paperwork for my CDR, continuing disability review. I am extremely concerned about what is going to happen because I have consistently worked for the past 4 years. I have only made over $1000 about 4 months in of all those years. The rest of the time I have made less than $700 a month.

Right now I am working the same job I worked before I got my disability 4 years ago. However, I am only able to work part-time. So I don't know if they are going to cease my benefits because I am doing the same type of work I did before I got disability.

I am in no position to loose the medical help I get with Social Security and am extremely afraid. I am writing you to see if I have a good reason for my concern and if you have any suggestions for me to help through this process. Maybe there is a lawyer or advocate through Disability Rights in Idaho that can help me? Thank you.

It is normal for all disability claims to come up for review (for those who are unfamiliar with reviews, see the following articles: Will my disability case be reviewed after I have been approved for disability benefits? and How does the Social Security Disability Review work?).

In fact, each disability case receives a review diary date when they are approved. So there is no need for extreme fear there.

Also the fact that you have had only four months of earnings at the level you mentioned over the past four years would not worry me too much especially since you have for the most part earned less than $700.00 during that time.

I do not think you will need to get a lawyer or advocate. If your medical records do not indicate that you have medically improved and you are not working consistently over the SGA limit, you will most likely be continued for disability benefits.

Good luck with your review.

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